Purchasing a Friends Gift:


Purchasing a gift for a friend can be a complicated process, you don’t want to break your budget and you want it to mean something at the same time.

A good idea is to give a gift that means something to both of you. This could be a gift card to a restaurant both of you enjoy, or a coffee place you always go to.

Even better is a gift that they can keep, a piece of jewelry or a mug they can remember you by. There are tons of options that won’t break the bank at http://www.thegoodlifestore.com.

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How to Pick the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift The little things:


The best mother day gifts aren’t about money they are about attention to detail. Try to get her a gift centered on her favorite hobbies or likes to show her how much you care. Surprise factor: Take her out to an event or dining experience that she has never experienced before. Company: No matter what gift you give her you should keep her company on her special day because your time is the best gift that you can give your mother! If you are looking for a special mother’s day gift or card please visit http://www.thegoodlifestore.com/


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Birthday Party Clean Up Made Easy!

3Are you dreading the aftermath of your child’s next birthday party? Fear not, here are some handy tips to keep things fun and easy to clean up. For starters, reserve a bench at your favorite local park! Kids will have plenty of room to burn off energy and you don’t have to worry about vacuuming up afterward. Next, use butcher paper instead of tablecloths! Add a few crayons to the mix and you have a whole new party activity, not to mention you can just throw it away at the end of the day! Lastly use paper plates and napkins. Cute, fun and whimsical plates and napkins like the ones showcased by The Good Life can give any birthday party an added visual kick and they’re 100% disposable to boot!

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Being a Good Birthday Party Guest:

4-1-2014 8-20-21 AMYou’ve been invited to a birthday party, now how do you arrive in style? Here are some tips on how to be a good party guest at a friend’s birthday party.

Arrive around 15 minutes late so you don’t catch the host while they’re still setting up.

Knock on the door when you arrive and greet the host of the party warmly.

Sit down and introduce yourself to the other guests who have arrived.

Wish the birthday boy or girl a very happy birthday and give your special person a special gift from thegoodlifestore.com

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